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Mark & Clare Seibert

Find our products at the following farmerís markets:
Fresh Farm Market at Dupont Circle
Sundays 8:30-1:00 March-December

Takoma Park Farmers Market
Sundays 10-2 March-December

Arlington Courthouse Farmerís Market
Saturdays 8-12 April-December

Falls Church Farmerís Market
Saturdays 8-12 April-December

Additionally, you can find our raw milk cheddars at the following:
Common Market, Frederick MD
Ernst Country Market, Clear Spring, MD
Knob Hall Winery, Clear Spring, MD

Welcome to Clear Spring Creamery to Clear Spring Creamery, a dairy farm in Clear Spring, Maryland that has been in the Seibert family for more than 100 years.†Our farm produces all grass based dairy products. The business is owned and operated by our family and the utmost attention to detail and quality is guaranteed.

this is what makes the cows happiest

Our animals are treated with care and are able to live their life as nature intended, on pasture and in the fresh air. Cows are grazed using an intensive rotational grazing system and are never given hormones. Every acre of the farm is planted in perennial grasses, ensuring environmental Take a look at the following link to read more about the health benefits of eating grass based dairy products, which include increased CLA's, higher vitamin content and an ideal ratio of essential fatty acids (EFA's) www.eatwild.com sustainability.

Our goal is to provide wholesome, nutritious and delicious food to you and your family. We strive to reach this goal while enriching the natural environment of our farm and raising healthy, happy animals.

Browse through our site to see more photos of the farm, milking time and cheesemaking and to get to know us and our farm a little betterÖ.

"Grass Never Tasted Better"
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